Tile Republic | Timber-look tiles
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Timber-look tiles

Timber-look tiles are the gaining popularity in Canberra homes – as floor tiles, wall tiles and outdoor tiles.


Tile technology continues to advance, making it increasingly difficult to distinguish between natural timber flooring and timber-look tiles.


More colour options, grain-effects and textured finishes are becoming available each year and at Tile Republic you’ll find the latest range of timber-look tiles at the best price.


Timber-look tiles have a range of benefits including:


  • resistance to water and scratching: unlike natural timber that can easily become scratched, swollen or stained, timber look tiles have a glazed surface making them resistant to water absorption and the hard porcelain body means they are suitable in high traffic areas and even outdoors
  • large range of colours and designs: from white wash to chocolate brown, grey tones and everything in between, the colour options in timber-look tiles continues to evolve. We have a range of styles to suit a Scandinavian, contemporary, eclectic or industrial interior
  • easy maintenance: natural timber flooring requires ongoing care to maintain such as sanding and sealing, however timber-look tiles are glazed in a hard-wearing material requiring no maintenance.


Here is a preview of some timber-look tiles available.