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Terrazzo and terrazzo look tiles

Terrazzo tiles make a stylish, high end interior design statement to bathrooms, kitchens, and throughout the home. Terrazzo is a type of stone that’s been used since Ancient Rome and is still very much in vogue today. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and can be found in a wide range of colours and textures to match any décor.

At Tile Republic, we are passionate about Italian tiles and interior products. It’s no surprise that we have curated a high quality selection of Terrazzo & terrazzo look tiles, inspired by you.

Our wide range includes true terrazzo and terrazzo look tiles in many shapes and sizes. They can be used indoors and outdoors, within your terrazzo tile bathroom, laundry or kitchen design.

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Our terazzo tile range includes:

  • Terrazzo pool tiles and pool coping tiles.
  • Terrazzo pavers for pool areas, patios and alfresco dining areas.
  • Terrazzo outdoor tiles.
  • Terrazzo splashback tiles for your kitchen or laundry terrazzo splashback design.
  • Terrazzo bathroom tiles in a range of colours.
  • Terrazzo Kit Kat tiles.
  • White terrazzo tiles.
  • Black terrazzo tiles.
  • Grey terrazzo tiles.
  • Pink terrazzo tiles.
  • Green terrazzo tiles.
  • Black terrazzo tiles.
  • Blue terrazzo tiles.
  • Terrazzo look tiles / porcelain terrazzo look tiles.
  • 300×300 tiles.
  • 600×600 tiles.

For orders over $500 on Terrazzo look tiles, use the coupon code TERRAZZO10 at the checkout to recieve 10% off your order!

What is terrazzo?

Traditional terrazzo was made from a mixture of cement, marble chips, natural stone fragments and glass. Terazzo is typically known for its strength and durability as well as its beautiful appearance. Terrazzo floors were originally made by pressing natural stone or marble chips into the surface of natural clay. The decorative clay was then sealed with goat’s milk to give it a mosaic-like appearance.

Cement eventually replaced clay, and pieces of marble, glass and tile with paint were used to decorate the floor. Standard terrazzo is created with small natural stone chips and is typically ground and polished.

Modern terrazzo tiles use polymer and epoxy resin for a smoother texture, less cracking, and more durability in interior design. Our Tile Republic collection includes many terrazo tiles that are environmentally friendly. They have EU Eco Label certification, which meets the strictest European environmental standards for emissions and recycling water.

Terrazzo look tiles

A traditional terrazzo tile is porous in nature, meaning that it is susceptible to staining over time. If you are worried about the maintenance of your bathroom, a terrazzo look option may be the best choice.

Terrazo look tiles are actually a porcelain tile or ceramic tile. They are becoming incredibly popular as they are more on the affordable side compared to their authentic counterparts. Choosing terrazzo look tiles offers a more durable option for your floors and walls. They also have a non slip surface making them a smart and safe choice.

Our porcelain terrazzo look tiles come in a range of sizes and colours that we are proud to supply to the Australian national tile market. Purchase direct from our Canberra tile showroom and our Tile Republic online tile store.

Telopea: The Tile Republic exclusive terrazzo look tile range

It’s no secret that we are obsessed with Italian tiles, and especially Terrazzo! We created a custom terrazzo tile for our customers after years of providing terrazzo tile products to renovators and builders within the national tile market here in Australia.

Inspired by classic terrazzo, the Telopea is available in a range of colours including a black terrazzo tile , grey terrazzo tile, white terrazzo tile and original (mix). It’s the perfect wall or floor tile for your bathroom, laundry or home renovation.

Terrazzo flooring

You cannot beat the breathtaking design of a terrazzo floor. Terrazzo concrete, or terrazzo floor tiles provide a unique, textural aesthetic that is unparalleled by other tile flooring options.

Authentic terrazzo surfaces are often much thicker than other floor tile options. These surfaces are highly durable and strong, perfect for high-traffic areas like entryways and hallways in your home. Terrazzo flooring is a great choice for modern rooms to add a stylish, industrial touch.

When choosing terrazzo for your flooring, maintenance is key to ensuring its lasting beauty. Professional terrazzo maintenance and regular home care can help remove marks and stains, keeping the finish looking great.

Terrazzo outdoor tiles

If you desire to bring the look of terrazzo to your outdoor space, a porcelain product is our recommendation. With low maintenance requirements and a non slip surface, terrazzo look floor tiles are the perfect exterior flooring option.

Terrazzo pavers create a breathtaking, luxury feel throughout your front or backyard, and for use as garden paths,  patios and alfresco dining areas.

Our favourite is the Capri Stone Medium Paver. This paver is ideal for outdoor flooring due to its terrazzo look appearance and low maintenance requirements.

Terrazzo pool tiles

Terrazzo is suitable for kitchen and bathroom floors, shower walls, and as a pool tile, due to its water resistance.

Our 20mm tiles are a suitable outdoor tile or option for pool coping. We are obsessed with the capri stone tile for its outdoor durability and traditional Italian tile design. When used for your outdoor swimming pool area it is reminiscent of a luxurious hotel pool in Italy.

Terrazzo bathroom tiles

Terrazzo truly shines is in bathroom design. Use terrazzo bathroom tiles to create a stunning shower wall, feature wall or to surround your bathtub. We have a range of popular terazzo bathroom tiles for use on bathroom floors and walls.

Modern bathroom design currently favours the terrazzo trend due to its visual texture and vast range of uses. Choosing colour in your tiling options is one of the most exciting parts of any bathroom design process. Here are some of our recommendations for terrazzo tile colours for your new bathroom oasis that can be used on your bathroom floors and walls.

  • White terrazzo tiles: Our Telopea Terrazzo Bianco or Ostia Bianco white tile is an ideal choice for a pristine, whitewashed look inspired by the classic Italian Breccia.
  • Grey terrazzo tiles: If you are searching for the perfect grey bathroom tile, consider our Telopea Terrazzo Grigio or the Positano Cement. Our Positano terrazzo look tiles embody contemporary design. They feature medium sized chips along with a matching grey undertones for your grey terrazzo bathroom design.
  • Black terrazzo tiles: Telopea Terrazzo Nero or Positano Asphalt. Perfect choices to create a dark and moody terrazzo tiles bathroom.
  • Pink terrazzo tiles: Terrazzo Honed Vita Rosa Grande Tile: our favourite pink terrazzo product. This pretty pink terrazzo tile is made with large pieces of Italian marble in shades of pink, light pink, and rose.
  • Green Terrazzo tiles: Green terrazzo tiles can add a colorful and textured look to a space, or create a luxurious, peaceful atmosphere.

Buy terrazzo tiles online today!

We are proud to supply the Australian national tiles market with high quality terazzo tiles through our online store. Aside from our beautiful Canberra tile store and showroom, we supply terrazzo tiles to Brisbane, terrazzo tiles to Melbourne, terrazzo tiles to Sydney and all cities and regional areas in Australia.

Need a sample? Select tile samples of any product at the cart. Delivery Australia wide.

If you need expert advice on how to best use terrazzo tiles in your renovation or new build we’re here to help! We offer a free 30min design consultation which can be in person in our Canberra tile store or to assist you in online orders. Book a consultation in our showroom or online to gain industry expert suggestions to help you create your dream space.

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